“I have taken many Yoga classes with Mike, as well as other people and I find that I personally like his teaching methods more than others.” –Mattea, Santa Barbara, CA

“Mike has made Yoga one of my favorite things to do. He is a rare teacher who not only makes the class fun, but he knows what he is doing. I always finish Mike’s sessions feeling completely relaxed, which has significantly reduced my stress in life.” –Derek, Santa Barbara, CA

“Mike is such a boss! He always is looking out for others. He helps me become more flexible and helps me to enjoy life!” –Tanner, Santa Barbara, CA

“Mike’s Yoga class is bad-ass. I sweat, and feel absolutely refreshed after our Yoga sessions!” –Sarah, Santa Barbara

“Mike is a very talented Yoga instructor. He does not bring his social life into his work, and therefore takes his work seriously, while at the same time, being very helpful to me as a teacher.” –Connor, Santa Barbara, CA

“Mike is a wonderful coach and Yoga instructor. What makes a good instructor is balance. Balance between encouragement, fun, and maybe a little bit of pain. Mike balances these all very well and allows me to reach my full athletic potential. –Ryan, Santa Barbara, CA

“I have taken Mike’s class. He is my diving coach, and his teaching and coaching are activities that I have never been involved in through all the sports I have done. He is very supportive and a free flowing guy that has made me more confident in myself.” –Richard, Santa Barbara, CA

“Mike’s Yoga class is the best Yoga class I have been in. The locations and atmosphere is always top notch. He pushes you hard, in a session, if you really want to be pushed!” –John, Santa Barbara, CA

“Mike teaches an invigorating and challenging yoga class. I find myself getting stronger and more centered when I am practicing yoga with Mike. I have seen him teach a class with beginner, intermediate and advanced students altogether and somehow he keeps in tune with all of our abilities and levels.” –Kathleen, Santa Barbara, CA

“I used to think yoga was a little boring until I took Mike’s classes. They’re so much fun that I’m always sorry when they’re over!” –Linda, Santa Barbara, CA

“I like Mike’s style, it’s very unique.” –Aidan, Santa Barbara, CA